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IT insight to help you get the most out of digital technology

Having digital technology in your classrooms is one thing; knowing how to get the most out of it for inspiring lessons is quite another! Thankfully, our easy-to-follow, jargon-free training will help you do just that.
When you come to us for IT equipment or software, we'll show your teachers and staff how to release its full potential leaving them fully confident – not just trained – and their day-to-day digital life much more manageable.

  • On-site or off-site training, you choose
  • Fully customisable, just tell us what you need and what time you've got spare
  • Perfect as bolt-on nurturing for your in-house IT team

comma I trialled Learn Pads and interactive whiteboard in my class for a week through SchoolTechHub. It was effortless thanks to Mike and Ajay who came in to set them up for me. They were patient and easy to talk to and I never had to do anything – they handled the lot.

During that week, Mike became like a best friend! He was always on hand to help (no question was too silly) and he rang up regularly to check how it was all going and to see if I needed any help. This exceptional support has continued to this very day. We have a lot of staff at the school who don't like technology, but SchoolTechHub has bent over backwards to help with appropriate training and support, and they even ran a refresher workshop after half-term to ensure everyone felt confident with the new equipment.

Without doubt, SchoolTechHub have gone over and above what is expected from a company. comma


Natalie Shanahan, Year 2 Class Teacher
St. Monica's Catholic Primary School, Milton Keynes

comma Before using SchoolTechHub, we had a lot of problems with Learnpads, which took vasts amounts of time to sort out. Fortunately, we now have monthly support through SchoolTechHub and it's been invaluable. Despite being located near London, SchoolTechHub have been more than happy to come in to our school in Cheltenham whenever necessary to help. They will sort out problems for us instantly, and they do so in an approachable, friendly manner.

As well as providing Learnpads for the school, SchoolTechHub has trained our teachers so they can use the new technology, carried out wi-fi strength assessments, provided 'how-to' guides for us, and advised us on future improvements.

Using SchoolTechHub has enabled teachers to teach and children to learn using the Learnpads, without the fear of anything going wrong and spending valuable time fixing problems. Would I recommend them? Yes! comma


Amy Coole Computing Coordinator/ Year 4 Teacher
The Catholic School of St. Gregory the Great, Cheltenham

Taking the 'hard' out of hardware

Teachers' ICT skills built in a flash If it's existing printers that you want more economy from or just-bought tablets that you’re certain could be used more effectively in class, get in touch. If you’ve already been trained by a supplier but still have questions about how to use a device – talk to us.

Built around your school schedule

Our friendly, fully-qualified tech-gurus will design training around your schedule to fit with however much time you’ve got spare: even if that’s just an hour. With simple, straightforward guidance your staff will soon have greater confidence and ICT skills when using school hardware to teach or manage pupils.

Not-so-scary software

Expert software training that gives you wings Software can be a very daunting thing to get your head around – but thanks to our waffle-free, easy-to-follow software training, you now don’t have to worry about figuring it all out on your own.

Built around your school schedule

Tell us what software is causing you frustration and our friendly, fully-qualified tech-gurus will design training around your needs. In no time at all, you’ll be getting the very best out of your new software programmes and platforms, using them as if they were second nature.

Enjoy more from upgrades

We’ll also help if you’re struggling with recently updated software, providing expert support and insights so you can take full advantage of new features and interfaces for the benefit of your school and pupils. To get started, get in touch.

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