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Tablets are transforming the way teachers teach and children learn. But with them come questions: What if I choose the wrong school tablets? Who supports them? Who can support all of our IT? What if teachers can’t integrate them into lessons? What if they get broken or stolen? Do we actually need tablets at all? Happily, you’re not alone.

SchoolTechHub is the A* choice of schools struggling to get to grips with their IT, including support, tablet technology and its potential. And now we’re ready to help you.

Which tablet should you pick?

We’ll help your school make the right decision.

Before you start, stop

If you’re thinking about investing in tablets for your school, we have one piece of advice before you decide: stop. So many schools rush into buying tablets, in particular iPads, without properly considering if they actually need them.

Sure, tablets are a great tool to help enrich the learning experience, but that’s all they are: tools. They are not the end itself. In actual fact, you may find your school would do better with laptops, rather than tablets – or a combination of them both. But how do you know? And how do you decide? Talk to us now.

Should you? Shouldn’t you?

We’ll help you see if investing in tablets is the right thing to do for your school

To iPad or not to iPad?

All tablets are not the same, and just because the school down the road has iPads, doesn’t mean your school should.

Luckily, we can help. Without hard-sell or confusing techno-babble, we’ll show you which tablets might be right for your school and the ages of your students, and explain why they are.

We can even arrange free demonstrations or tablet trials, so you can test-drive before you commit hard cash. Then, when you’re ready to invest, we’ll help roll out the tablets successfully across your school.

Tablet choices made easy

What’s right for your school and what’s not, let us help.

Next step, action plan

If tablets are the right ‘tools’ for your school, it’s crucial that you put together a plan of action before you commit to a brand.

By this we mean identifying what your educational goals are in relation to tablets and how you plan to measure these goals. Without this pre-planning, you could just end up with some very expensive exercise books gathering dust.

Tablet action plan?

We’ll help you identify your goals and create an action plan that fits with your school’s vision, values and ethos.

comma Mike and Ajay from SchoolTechHub have been brilliant throughout our transition from ICT suite to Tablets. At the very first presentation they gave in our school, we knew that they were genuine people who we could work with. And appointing them proved to be the right decision.

Not only did they bring us interactive touchscreens and LearnPads to trial before we bought, but they never put pressure on the senior leadership team in the trial phase to make a decision – they were only interested in helping us get the right equipment for our school and our children.

Since then, their aftersales service has been second-to-none. They've held training workshops for all my staff, they've spent time with individual teachers to talk through how equipment works, and they are always ready at the drop of a hat, either remotely or on-site, to help if we have an issue.

Teachers' eyes light-up when they are here because they are so approachable. I'd even go as far as saying that SchoolTechHub are the John Lewis of the IT world! comma


Peter Kennedy, Headteacher
St. Monica's Catholic Primary School, Milton Keynes

Smart thinking

Essentials questions to ask before you choose
  • What are the ages of the pupils who will use the tablets?
  • How will the tablets be used in lessons?
  • How long will they be used for in a typical day?
  • How many users will there be?
  • Do they need to be carried and used all around school?
  • Will they be used by SEN children?
  • Who will manage and monitor the tablets?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Should they be compatible with your current virtual learning platform?
  • Who will keep the tablets charged?
  • How will you keep them safe from theft in class and out of class?

For help with any of these questions

Call us on 01442 298915 Email us at

Educational content for tablets

A helping hand to cross the growing world of digital resources

Time to think beyond apps

Downloading apps onto tablets doesn’t instantly transform teaching and learning. To be truly pedagogic with tablets, you need to understand their full potential, beyond apps. Here at SchoolTechHub, we can show you how to make the fullest use of your tablets, so they’re not just app-centric notebooks.

Go beyond apps

Let us release your tablets’ full potential

The best educational content, sorted

Because we work so closely with educational content providers, we can guide you through the ever-changing digital world of sites and resources. So that in no time at all you’ll be able to work with high-quality, reliable and cost-effective digital content that fits and enhances your school’s learning approach.

Great content

We know where it’s at

Teaching with tablets

The insights you need to adapt traditional learning and inspire every child

Just because tablets are used at home by teachers, parents and pupils, doesn’t mean this translates into successful use in the classroom. Indeed, effective teaching with tablets takes preparation, practice and on-going support and guidance. Without it, teachers, governors and parents can become jaded about using technology.

Our pedagogy gurus can help you adapt traditional stand-and-deliver ways of teaching to transform your pupil’s learning experience. We do this by working with you to develop, implement and refine a cross-school teaching plan that releases the full potential of tablet technology in the classroom, leaving your teachers excited and confident – and your pupils enjoying lessons more than ever before.

Look what we can do for you

  • Identify areas in the curriculum that are a natural fit for interactivity
  • Help you set day-to-day progress benchmarks
  • Coach pupils to make the most of tablets in the classroom
  • Train teachers to become confident tablet facilitators
  • Show you how to monitor tablets when they’re in use
  • Create boundaries for tablet use in lessons
  • Help you mark pupils’ work electronically
  • Enable you to make new projects and activities
  • Show you how to use tablets collaboratively on whiteboards and projectors
  • Help your students store and organise their digital work

comma I trialled Learn Pads and interactive whiteboard in my class for a week through SchoolTechHub. It was effortless thanks to Mike and Ajay who came in to set them up for me. They were patient and easy to talk to and I never had to do anything – they handled the lot.

During that week, Mike became like a best friend! He was always on hand to help (no question was too silly) and he rang up regularly to check how it was all going and to see if I needed any help. This exceptional support has continued to this very day. We have a lot of staff at the school who don't like technology, but SchoolTechHub has bent over backwards to help with appropriate training and support, and they even ran a refresher workshop after half-term to ensure everyone felt confident with the new equipment.

Without doubt, SchoolTechHub have gone over and above what is expected from a company. comma


Natalie Shanahan, Year 2 Class Teacher
St. Monica's Catholic Primary School, Milton Keynes

Common tablet problems

Help for the issues you’ve spotted, help for the issues you haven’t Whether it’s a problem with the tablets themselves or it’s a problem using them in class, speak to us today. Our tablet gurus know their Ethernet from their elbow and can get you up and running in no time.

Sound familiar?

  • Our tablets won’t connect to the internet
  • Apps and content doesn’t download properly
  • Our tablets won’t print wirelessly (or at all)!
  • Battery life runs down too fast/not charging properly
  • Our memory needs upgrading
  • The tablets won’t sync with computers or one another
  • We’ve lost our tablet password/locked ourselves out

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