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Leave your server troubles at our door. We’re experts at solving server health issues fast and cost-effectively. We’ll get slow school servers up to speed again; we’ll stop viruses turning your data to mush; we’ll keep your server updated so it’s never running behind; we’ll make certain your files, resources and software are continually backed-up; and we’ll be on hand in a jiffy to fix a server that’s had a melt-down.

We can even help your school move to virtual data storage, easily and without bundles of confusion. So, how can we help?

Boost your server’s storage capacity

Bigger, better, faster – we’ll make it happen

If your school server is running slow, it could be because it’s bursting with data – and may, at some point, stop altogether. Let us take a look at your server and we’ll assess how much space you have left before you reach a critical limit – if you haven’t already. We’ll then, if you want us to, fix any bugs, purge old information, check your firewalls and make any essential updates to get your server functioning normally again. If the issue isn’t as easily sorted, we’ll recommend some next steps that fit within your budget and timescale.

Once your server is back on its feet, we’ll monitor it remotely, responding right away if we see any sign of a capacity or performance problem.

Solid server back-ups

Don’t leave your school data to fate, leave it to us

If backing-up your school’s data is a little hit and miss, you could be tempting fate. It’ll only be a matter of time before something tragic happens: a virus, a hacker, corrupted software, or a hardware fail – they can all bring down your server and send your data crashing with it.

And have you considered what happens if fire breaks out? Or your server room gets flooded? Storing your data at your school premises could leave you at a real loss if catastrophe occurs.

Regular data back-ups

The sensible answer: leave your data back-ups to us. It doesn’t matter how many servers you have or how complex your data needs, we’re experts at protecting the information schools need to stay running smoothly – at a price you can afford, to the standards you need to meet your legal obligations.

Not only will we make sure all your data is regularly and quickly encrypted and backed-up, we’ll ensure your information is securely protected off-site too – through Cloud storage – leaving you with complete peace of mind and easy access to your files, anywhere and anytime.

Data recovery plan – included

What's more, with us in charge of backing-up your data, you’ll automatically have a disaster recovery solution in place to put the pieces back together again should you need to – saving you a whole heap of hassle and money.

Safe and sound Cloud storage solutions

We’ll make the move to virtual data storage easy and affordable

What is the Cloud?

It’s easy to be confused by what the term ‘Cloud’ actually means. Quite simply, cloud storage means that information is stored for you on a huge server located in a remote data centre.

The big advantage of cloud storage is that you just buy a ‘slice’ of the server’s capacity for a small monthly cost – you don’t need to worry about keeping the server up-to-date, paying for its heating and cooling costs, or maintaining an uninterruptible power supply.

Safe and Sound

Schools like yours need a vast amount of data storage space for all aspects of your day-to-day school life. But what’s the most efficient way to store, organise and share that data? And where should it be stored, on-site or off-site?

To handle the ever-increasing amounts of data you generate, you could increase the number of servers you have and their capacity. Or you could store your data remotely in the Cloud.

Cloud storage, the SchoolTechHub way

Moving your data storage to the Cloud needn’t be daunting. In fact, we’ll handle the whole process for you, without you having to get involved or worry about unnecessary downtime in your school day. Our Account Directors will setup, monitor and manage the transfer of all of your data or just some of it – up to you.

If you want us to handle your on-going data back-up as part of our online Cloud solution as well, we can. Your data will be backed-up as often as you need, with notifications on its status so you can relax knowing you’re meeting your statutory obligations and you can get to your information at the touch of a button.

Solid server back-ups

Why the Cloud should be a smart option for your school
  • No extra hardware needed
  • Saves you money on electricity, maintenance, management, upgrades and software
  • Monthly payments mean you can budget for it with no costly surprises
  • Your data is encrypted and backed-up securely via the internet – no tapes needed
  • Data is safely protected off-site should disaster happen
  • Cloud storage uses sate-of-the-art technology to keep your information secure
  • Access your files, anytime and anywhere – from any device
  • Share information safely and securely with those who need it
  • Your files are safe even if your device is lost, stolen or broken
  • Easy recovery of any data backed-up, including any modifications you’ve made
  • Comes with Service Level Agreement (SLA) to guarantee systems will be available

Common server problems

Help for the issues you’re having, help for the issues you’re not Our server gurus know how to get your server pulling its weight again, affordably and fast. Just get in touch.

Sound familiar?

  • Sudden increase in error logs?
  • Cooling system speeding up or slowing down?
  • Unexpected server crashes?
  • Power blips?
  • Memory shortage?
  • Slow to upload and download data?
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