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How secure is your school’s sensitive data from cyber-attack? How well protected are your pupils from harmful internet content? Talk to us today and we’ll give you the answers to these critical questions.
We’ll show you where you’ve potential security risks and let you know how to significantly and cost-effectively ‘beef up’ your e-security policies, processes and software to keep those risks under control.

Iron-clad anti-virus software

So your school IT stays threat-free

When you come to us, we’ll sort you out with a lean, mean fighting-machine anti-virus software that keeps viruses and malware well away.

Viruses and malware (malicious software) lurk on the web, trying to trick you into running rogue applications that can steal sensitive information from under your nose or render your school computers and servers useless.

It’s vital, therefore, that your school’s IT equipment and network is protected with a robust anti-virus solution. What’s more, because new viruses are being developed all the time, it’s critical that your anti-virus protection is kept fully up-to-date too – or you could be left counting the cost.

Our solution is fast, effective and won’t slow your system down. Plus, it’ll show you how many times your network’s been attacked and alert us when an update is needed, which we’ll install quickly and fuss-free so that you’re never left vulnerable.

The hottest school firewalls

Total protection from harmful content and websites Your firewall is a protective boundary for your school, blocking anything or anyone who tries to access your system without permission – like hackers, for example. But it also keeps your pupils safe, stopping them from seeing websites or content that’s inappropriate.

Choose our next-generation school firewall protection and you’ll be certain that harmful content never sneaks on to your school’s PCs or tablets.

It’s very easy to use and manage and keeps a log of activity for you to see if an intruder has tried to hack your school’s IT systems, or which websites pupils and staff have been visiting.

If you want us to, we’ll manage it all for you, updating your school firewall as soon as it needs updating, so your systems always stays out of harm’s way.

Data and email encryption

Be safe and fully compliant with ease

Protecting your staff and your pupils’ personal data isn’t just a necessity, it’s your legal responsibility under the Data Protection Act. Most breaches of data security happen as a result of human error or premeditated theft. Thankfully, our data and email encryption solutions can safeguard your school against both.

Top-set email encryption

Simple and affordable, our school encryption software will scramble email messages and attached files, sending them to a secure server that recipients can access using a password. It means that any sensitive information emailed by school admin staff or teachers stays completely invisible to intruding eyes.

Full-marks data encryption

If teachers take work or laptops home there is a risk of losing data. If it’s encrypted however it’ll stay safe and sound. With our school data encryption solution, you can encode sensitive files so that when they’re taken out of school they can’t be read by anyone else. And, if you want to, you can even prevent certain files being copied to a USB or disc.

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