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It doesn’t matter whether you’ve hundreds of printers and copiers in your school or you’ve only a handful of them – talk to SchoolTechHub and you’ll get the same first-class, reliable, jargon-free service you need to make printing or photocopying easier on your budget, your staff, your pupils and the environment.
Pick ‘n’ mix print options And because we work flexibly, you don’t have to be tied into a long-term contract with us to get what you need. You can simply 'pick n mix' the bits you want from us to sort out your print or copier issues.
Current contract? Perhaps you just want a few printers and copiers in a new site or area? Perhaps you need some guidance on what printers are best? Or maybe you’re after a more managed way to reduce your copier spend? We can sort it all for you quickly and easily, even if you’re currently tied into a contract with a print or copier supplier. Talk to us now.

Crush school print and copier costs

With smart, understandable, affordable printer control software

Print management is a very dull sounding (and often misunderstood) name for some very clever software that can cut your paper and cartridge costs, stop wasted print, make your printers work more efficiently, and give the environment a huge C02 break.

Basically, it takes control of all your school printers and copiers to make sure they’re always working efficiently. And, at the same time, it keeps you up-to-speed with how much all your devices and consumable materials are costing.

Sound good? Then talk to us about getting printer control solution working for your school today.

Printer control software explained

  • Directs print to the most cost-effective or energy-efficient devices
  • Cancels unwanted print-outs before they end up in the bin
  • Releases print jobs individually so that they don’t stack-up leaving you with duplicated print outs
  • Sends the right order requests at the right time – so you’re not left with cupboards full of unused toner or reams of the wrong sort of paper

What we'll do

  • Work with you to map out your current printing and copying situation
  • Design a print control solution that fits your school like a glove
  • Install your print management system and get it up and running
  • Train you and your staff on how to work it, so you’re left in total control
  • Keep a close eye on the software to make sure it’s always saving your school time and money

Greener printing and copying

For a smaller school-shaped footprint on the planet
Printing is one of the biggest areas where schools probably aren’t as green as they could be. We’ve all seen it: duplicated print outs in the bin, excessive stocks of toner filling up cupboards, and old machines rattling into action, eating up school energy. Thankfully, we can make your school’s printing and copying a whole lot leaner and greener.

The green audit

First off, we’ll take a good long look at which type of printers and copiers you use, and how often your school uses them. This will give us a clear snapshot of which machines are eating up energy or resources, as well as a picture of unsustainable classroom behaviours that could be contributing to waste.

The green fix

Next come our solutions: they may range from reducing printers or copiers to save you money and energy, to completely rethought school processes that cut down on the amount of paper you use or printing you do. But whatever we recommend, you’ll be under no-obligation to carry out. We simply want to help you understand where you can lessen your impact on the planet.

The green set-up

Should you decide to go ahead with our green fixes, we’ll make the changes as pain-free and straightforward as possible. Whether it’s as big as helping you move to a paperless administrative environment, or as small as sourcing and installing energy-efficient classroom printers, choose us and you’ll be up and running with greener print and copier solutions in no time.

Unhappy with your print contract?

Get the best out of your printers, until it’s time to change If you’re tied into a printer or copier contract that you’re unhappy with, we can help. Ask us to pop in and we will take a look at your existing print structure and show you where you can save money – it will only take a couple of hours.

We’ll then set up a printer control solution that ensures you get the very best out of your current printers, so that they’re as cost effective as possible – without compromising on print or copier quality.

Finally, when your print contract comes to an end, we’ll be there to help you choose the devices that best suit your school’s print behaviour. And, if you want us to, we’ll source your new equipment, install it with the minimum amount of disruption and then maintain it for you.

Printer and copier installation

We won’t leave you struggling with new devices


Connecting up new printers and making them work is one thing. And we know how to do both well, with the minimum amount of disruption to your classes and school day. But there is another, rather crucial, aspect to installing printers or copiers in your school: making sure you and your teachers know exactly how to use them.

It seems obvious, but many ICT suppliers will leave you struggling to use your new hardware and then hand you a bill for their time when you call them back. But here at SchoolTechHub, however, we do IT differently.

Training as standard

Yes, we’ll connect in your new printers where you need them. Yes, we’ll install the printer drives onto your network and machines. And yes, we’ll check that everything works ok before we leave.

But we absolutely won’t leave without making sure you and your teachers understand what does what and why – so you‘ll all feel confident using your new equipment. It’s all a part of the SchoolTechHub service. Not an added extra.

Common printer and copier problems

Help for the issues you’re having, help for the issues you’re not Our printer and copier gurus know their envelope feeder from their elbow and can fix any issues fast. Just get in touch.

Sound familiar?

  • The print out quality is very poor
  • Our copier keeps jamming up
  • Print is being sent to the wrong printer
  • Our machine regularly breaks down
  • We keep getting constant error messages
  • Why won’t it print?
  • Copies are off-centre or blank
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