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Slow broadband, inaccessible school networks and patchy Wi-Fi just won’t cut it with today’s children who live in a 'switched-on' world. Luckily, it’s simple and affordable to say 'goodbye' to one or all of those problems in your school when you've SchoolTechHub on your side. All you need to do is get in touch – we’ll take it from there.

Bye-bye sluggish broadband

Open up new learning experiences
Like many schools, you’re probably on a contract with a broadband provider supplied by your Local Education Authority (LEA) – and chances are your internet service is a little on the slow side. But just because you’re tied into a school broadband contract doesn’t mean that we can’t help you speed things up.

Get better connected

Firstly, check your contract because you may find you’re no longer obliged to use the current LEA broadband. If that’s the case, we’ll help you find a better, more reliable broadband solution for your school – one that gives you faster download speeds, enhanced filtering (so unwanted content doesn’t sneak in), tight security and bigger bandwidth (so you can access more online content trouble-free) – and all for a cost that doesn’t over-stretch your ICT budget.

We’ll then help you switch broadband providers, easily without any disruptive down-time. And don’t worry, your school will still be able to access all of your council-provided services.

LEA broadband contract? We can still help

Even if you’re tied into a contract for a while yet, talk to us. We’ll show you how you can make your network run faster, plus we’ll provide you with no-obligation recommendations on what your school needs in terms of bandwidth, firewalls, filtering and active monitoring, so you can choose the right broadband connection for your school and swap when the time is right.

Wi-Fi that always makes the grade

Free their potential
'Only about a quarter of schools have Wi-Fi good enough for 21st century learning.'
The British Educational Suppliers Association (Besa), 2013

Out-of-date Wi-Fi?

Perhaps your current Wi-Fi is out-of-date and you’re interested in getting a reliable solution that not only matches your budget, but that will stand the test of time? We’ve a wealth of experience working with schools to install and configure future-proof Wi-Fi networks that ensure your pupils stay connected throughout their school journey.

Expanding your wireless?

Maybe you’re looking to increase the reach of your current Wi-Fi network so your children can learn wherever they are in school? We’ll roll out a high-performance stable Wi-Fi solution across your school, no matter what its size, that’ll get you all online in a matter of seconds.

New to Wi-Fi?

Should you be looking to install Wi-Fi for the first time and are a bit overwhelmed by the anticipated hassle of it all, give us a call. We’ll take the worry away and get your school connected before you know it – then we’ll be there afterwards to give you the priceless support you need to get the very best out of your new technology.

Outstanding IT networks

Secure, reliable solutions, however big or complex your school needs Whatever sort of ICT school network you need, whatever sort you have, we’re the ones to call when you want to set-up a new network or replacing an ageing one, quickly and affordably.

Adding to your network?

Perhaps you’ve recently upgraded your computers or printers and want them connected to your existing school IT network? Maybe you’ve grown as a school and need to expand your network into several new school buildings?

Our team know how to smoothly roll out high-speed, flexible IT networks – both cabled and wireless solutions – in schools of all sizes. They also know how to securely transfer data to new devices, and connect new equipment successfully to an existing school IT infrastructure.

Network upgrade?

If the demands on your existing IT network have grown and its performance and reliability is starting to suffer, maybe it’s time to upgrade? Choose SchoolTechHub and we’ll upgrade you efficiently and cost-effectively, looking at every aspect of your current IT network (including the quality of cabling being used) to make sure your new solution doesn’t ever grind to a halt.

New network?

There are all sorts of networks that we can plan, design, install and manage for your school to meet its needs now and in the future.

If you simply want a small area of your school linked up, we can happily create a Local Area Network (LAN) for you to use without problems. Should you want wireless internet access across your entire school and neighbouring school buildings, we can install a Wide Area Network (WAN) that’ll join you all up.

We’re also experts at creating Virtual Personal Networks (VPN), giving pupils secure access to the resources they need in an instant, whether they’re in school or out.

IT network management – taken care of

Sure, you may have someone on-site who looks after your network at the moment, but what if that person leaves? Out goes all that expert knowledge to keep your network working.

Hand over your IT network management to us and we’ll keep it functioning healthily. We do this by monitoring its performance, security and reliability 24/7 and fixing any problems we spot before they spiral out of control.

Common network problems

Help for the issues you’re having, help for the issues you’re not Our network gurus know what a good network needs to keep your school connected. Just get in touch.

Sound familiar?

  • Computers can't see one another?
  • Printers or servers won't join the network?
  • Network running slow?
  • Can't share files?
  • Connection drops unexpectedly?
  • Network suffered outside attack?
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