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A free SchoolTechHub Evaluation is worth its weight in gold


We believe that every school can improve the way it teaches with the help of the right technology – whether that's tablets, touchscreens, smarter print solutions or faster broadband.

All it takes is a little expert know-how and guidance, from the right people – us.
That’s why we offer schools, like yours, a free Evaluation.

What is a SchoolTechHub Evaluation?

A SchoolTechHub Evaluation gives answers to your IT questions and helps you reach your IT goals easily and effortlessly – whatever they may be, without confusing techno-babble or any obligation to go ahead.

For instance, if your school Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting or your server keeps crashing, our Evaluation will show you why. If you’ve thought about introducing tablets to lessons and want to release their full teaching potential, our Evaluation will show you how.

We’ll also reveal how to get better results from your current IT infrastructure, and show you the alternative IT support options out there that could help your school run more smoothly.

What happens during your Evaluation?

No two schools are the same – that’s why we don’t evaluate your school IT from over the phone or with an online questionnaire. Instead, we come to your school and conduct a ‘walk round’ to examine three key areas of your current set-up:

  • Your existing ICT infrastructure
  • Your print-based teaching methods and equipment
  • Any digital-based teaching methods and equipment that you currently use

This ‘walk round’ gives you the chance to meet us face-to-face, ask us any questions you have and point out any areas of concern. Most importantly, it helps us build an individual picture of your school’s current IT issues and needs – both those you know about and those you don’t. So we leave no stone unturned when we come to see you, to save you time and money in the future.

What happens after your Evaluation?

After your Evaluation, we’ll work out the most cost-effective way we can help improve your digital learning resources. Whether that’s simply changing how you work with the technology you have, adding new or replacement solutions to your school, or offering an enhanced level of IT support.

Should you choose to go with our recommendations, we’ll create a bespoke phased action plan for you – and we’ll then be there every step of the way; educating, guiding, training and supporting you and your staff so no-one is left frustrated or confused about school IT again.

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