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When your computers or laptops aren't pulling their weight, it can be a right pain in the analogue. Thankfully, talk to us and we'll take the stresses and strains away, whatever problems you're having with your school computers or software.
Certified engineers
Our tech gurus are Apple Mac and Microsoft certified, so know what to do to get your computers working (whether it's one playing up or the whole ITC suite). They do so with minimum disruption to your school day – and can fix computer problems either remotely or onsite, whenever you need them.

One-off fixes or on-going maintenance
As well as solving everyday niggles, we'll also save you time and money when you're choosing or upgrading your school computer kit or software. Plus, we'll support you before and after it's all installed so you can get on with what you do best.

Choosing new computers

Reliable advice & solutions

It's easy to get bogged down in the choices when you need new software or computers for your school. Laptop, desktop or notebook? Mac or PC? Refurbished or new? And then there are the brands – Dell, HP, Acer or Samsung? As well as the operating systems. Leave it to us and we'll match your school to its perfect hardware or software solution, all within (if not under) budget.

When we have a clear picture of your school's individual needs, we can recommend a solution that's built to fit, even if it's not exactly what you expected it to be.

The right choice starts here

We start by understanding what you want and why. For instance, are the computers for the admin staff, or your pupils. If so, how old are they? How fast do you need your computers to run?

More for your money

You see, unlike other firms, we are not here to just sell you stuff. We want to help you save time and money by the best possible means. So, if you can increase productivity of your current computer network without investing in new PCs, we'll tell you. If refurbished laptops would be just as reliable but make your budget stretch further, we'll let you know.

comma From our initial request for a quotation, through to delivery, supply, installation, training and support, School Tech Hub have been a total pleasure to deal with and work with.

Our projects have been delivered on time and within budget and the whole STH team are consistently reliable, professional, courteous and approachable at all times. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending School Tech Hub. comma


Jane Wise, Business Manager
Clore Shalom School, Hertfordshire

Options without the agenda

Should it turn out that the right solution is new hardware or software, we’ll pick through the horde of computer brands and software options available, so you don’t have to. And because we’re not tied to any one supplier, our final recommendation will be based 100% on what’s right for you, not us.

Computer choices

Made a whole lot easier

The best bundles for your budget

Then, if you want us to, we’ll procure the kit or software at great value for money – we’ve strong relationships with the suppliers of major hardware and software brands, so know where to find you the best deals. We’ll even take away any old kit you don’t need – another load off your mind.

The right brands, the right price

Save time and money, let us source it

PC upgrades without the groans

Hardware or software, we’ll make sure it’s top of the class You’ve got to have healthy, secure, full-functioning school technology – whether that’s your network, your classroom whiteboards or your telephones. So when the time comes to improve your hardware and software to keep school IT systems running smoothly, we’re school favourites for upgrades and installation.

Fuss-free hardware replacements

Time to replace your IT suite PCs? Need more energy efficient whiteboards? After more memory on your staff laptops? Leave it to us. We’ll help you decide what sort of replacements or upgrades are best for your school and your budget by asking intelligent, challenging questions other firms forget to ask.

We’ll also look closely at your IT infrastructure to make sure it can cope with the upgraded equipment – so you’re not left with problems further down the line. Of course, when your new kit arrives, we won’t just leave you unpacking the boxes – we’ll be on hand to plug it in, set it up and make sure you’re clear how to use it.

Help with hardware?

We make replacements and upgrades easy

Software licenses, sorted

Choose SchoolTechHub and we’ll ensure your software and licenses are up-to-date. We’ll check your IT systems to show you what software upgrades or renewals you might need, why you might need them and for when. Then we’ll show you the quickest and smartest ways to upgrade or renew software or licenses – and give you cost-effective alternatives. So whether it’s an anti-virus renewal you need or an upgrade to your operating system, ask us for help today.

Struggling with software?

Let us handle it instead

Installation that leaves you all up and running

With the minimum amount of disruption Once your new kit arrives, we’ll be there to make sure it works seamlessly for you. We won’t simply plug in the right wires, switch it on and say ‘bye’. We’ll spend as long as we’re needed to connect your equipment properly – across floors, buildings and playgrounds – so that it runs without any IT lumps and bumps.

Tried and tested again and again

For instance, with the minimum amount of disruption, we’ll make sure all your equipment is linked up to your school network, so you won’t have issues accessing the lesson plans or pupil records you need. And we’ll ensure it’s running at the speed you expect it to, so your pupils or staff can get on with their day without things freezing up or slowing down.

Always on-hand to help

In addition, we’ll show you and your staff how to operate the new kit so they’re not left struggling in class. Should you need us to come back at any time for extra reassurance or problem-solving, we will – whether that’s in school time or term time.

Common computer problems

Help for the issues you’re having, help for the issues you’re not Whether it’s a problem with the computers themselves or it’s a problem using them in class, speak to us today. Our PC and Mac gurus know their Ethernet from their elbow and can solve problems and spot those that may become an issue later on.

Sound familiar?

  • Our PCs are really sluggish
  • We’re catching more viruses than before
  • The equipment keeps on freezing
  • We can’t update our PCs without them corrupting
  • Our hard drives are failing
  • Our PC power supply keeps cutting out
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